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Consumers are introduced to new mobile and wireless technologies and services in generational step changes. Examples include the migration from 3G to 4G, and in the future, to 5G mobile networks; the move from the current generation of devices to the next, etc. These generational changes manifest as a result of an accumulation of multiple enabling technologies that drive the constant growth and evolution of what we call The Living Network.

We seek to partner with entrepreneurs that are enabling the evolution of The Living Network in the areas of Next Generation Infrastructure, IoT, Mobile Security, and Video Technologies.


Next Generation Infrastructure

The growth of mobile devices and associated applications and services have changed the economics for network operators. Persistent demand for increased capacity and coverage, coupled with the need to provide service agility, are necessitating an upgrade to current networks by taking advantage of innovations that enable new revenue opportunities or reduce the cost of building and running the networks. New use cases driven by IoT, AR/VR, cloud computing, video delivery, and OTT services are driving the need to innovate towards new mobile and wireless infrastructure. As investors, we believe that the complexities and challenges of mobile and wireless networks present an interesting landscape for technical and business model disruptions.

Internet of Things

IoT is about data; sensors and end node devices that generate the data, networks that transport the data, middleware platforms that process the data, and applications that consume the data in order to glean intelligence from the data. Equally important is ensuring the validity and security of the data, from the point of data creation to the point of data consumption. As investors, we believe that managing this data lifecycle in the context of Industrial, Commercial, and Retail IoT use cases presents opportunities to build successful enterprises in partnership with visionary entrepreneurs.

Mobile Security

The paradigm of securing the perimeter no longer applies in todays ultra mobile environment. BYOD and cloud services further compound the security challenges. The proliferation of IoT devices across a wide geographic footprint obliterates the old perimeter-based security paradigm. New threat vectors, introduced as a result of the above mentioned mobile and cloud enabled use cases, require new approaches and technologies supported by analytics in order to affect fast response times for IT security. Equally important are innovations in business models that deliver these technologies to the right audience at the right time and in the right way.

Video & Media

By 2020, 80% of all internet traffic will be video; the vast majority of which will be consumed on mobile devices. Changing consumption habits driven by on-demand delivery, coupled with new technologies like 4K video, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality, will drive video consumption higher. New use cases around video-based collaboration and social interactions emphasize the importance of video for enterprises and consumers alike. Image recognition and video data-analytics have the potential to impact security and IoT use cases. As investors, we believe that these new use cases, technologies, and modalities of consumption require technical and business model innovataions that present interesting investment opportunites in video and media.


Principal, San Francisco
M2M, IoT, Connected Devices, Mobile
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Tel Aviv, Israel; New York, USA

BioCatch is a cybersecurity company that delivers behavioral biometrics analyzing human-device interactions to protect users and data. Enterprises use BioCatch to significantly reduce online and mobile fraud and protect against a variety of cyber threats, without compromising the user experience. With an unparalleled patent portfolio and deployments at major institutions around the world that cover tens of millions of users to date, BioCatch has established itself as the industry leader in behavioral biometrics.

Cohere Technologies
Santa Clara, CA

Cohere Technologies is solving the most pressing challenges in wireless communications. Cohere has developed groundbreaking technology with broad applications for wireless communication called OTFS; the technology provides significantly improved coverage and spectral efficiency. Combined with traditional modulation schemes, OTFS extends the benefits of this 2D modulation to existing platforms as required for the future of 5G mobility. Cohere plans to productize OTFS for backhaul, fixed wireless access and 5G.

Grid Raster
Palo Alto, CA

GridRaster powers high fidelity tether-free VR/AR experiences by intelligently harnessing the computing power on the edge and centralized cloud. The solution provides high-performance graphics with ultra-low latency while greatly improving battery performance.

Haifa, Israel

AI driven predictive maintenance for industrial assets

Be’er Sheva, Israel

Passive cybersecurity and visibility solutions for Industrial IoT / Industry 4.0.

Sedona Systems
Cupertino, CA

Sedona Systems has developed the first multi-layer application platform, focusing on optimization & control of the optical and IP layers (L0-L3) of network operators. Enabling both optically-aware IP routing and IP-informed optical switching, the applications double effective WAN capacity, boost agility, availability and flexibility, and provide network cost savings.

Vasona Networks
San Jose, CA

Vasona Networks is the leader in mobile network edge-intelligence that drives the smart delivery of mobile experiences.

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Xage Security
Palo Alto, CA

Xage Security is the world’s first blockchain-protected security fabric for Industrial IoT.


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